December 3, 2023

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Will Not Take Part in Quimby National Park Proposal Meeting

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The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM) has decided not to participate in a meeting and fly-over of Roxanne Quimby’s land; all part of the further promotion to propose the creation of a National Park. In a member email, SAM expressed reasons for their decision.

After lengthy discussions, our Board has decided not to participate in the flyover or the meeting after it was apparent that Roxanne was still pursuing the creation of a national park that could possibly turn over control of Maine lands to the federal government; in addition, ban hunting and other traditional uses like snowmobiling and ATVing and with no real control over expansion of the park. Also, the amount of land proposed for sportsmen’s access was a fraction of what would be proposed for a national park for those reasons and many others we decided not participate in the flyover and the meeting.

Roxanne Quimby sits on the Board of Directors for the National Parks Foundation, appointed by President Obama. The National Parks Foundation is a puppet of the United Nations, which continues to cede land away from the United States and U.S. citizens. For no other reason than that, Maine residents should oppose any effort to give land over to a corrupt and inept Federal Government that cannot take care of the land it already controls.

Quimby is a self-proclaimed communist and has publicly stated that nobody should own land. How she explains her vast land holdings must remain some kind of mystery. Posterity and the privileged always seem to escape the scrutiny of the press and others, failing to expose them for their double standards and hypocrisy.