December 9, 2023

Those “Rare” Coyote Attacks We Always Hear About

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Still puking out the ignorant mantra that coyotes don’t bother people, especially attack them, yet again we hear of a two-year-old girl in California who was attacked by a coyote and dragged away while the girl’s mother yelled and screamed and eventually run the coyote away.

And in Virginia, coyotes are a real nuisance and causing serious damage due to livestock losses.

I am reminded that it was nearly twenty years ago now that Dr. Valerius Geist told the Southeast Deer Study Group, as they complained about what to do about too many whitetail deer, to:

Enjoy your problem while it lasts, because the coyote is coming. Once he’s here, you’ll miss your deer problems.

It now appears the coyote has arrived.