September 23, 2023

Coyotes Devour Deer Fawns: Picture and Story Authenticated

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It was June 14, 2013 when I posted a short story with picture of nothing but a fawn deer’s head. I received the photo and brief story second hand but stated that the person sending me the information was a very reliable source. Here’s the link to the original story and the picture is posted below.


Photo by Christopher Bartlett

Just yesterday I received an email from Christopher Bartlett stating that he had discovered my blog post and wanted to verify that it was his experience the photo was his as well. His email read:

Hi Tom,

I recently saw your blog post where you directly quoted an email that I sent to friends on June 11, 2013 that included my photo of a fawn’s head. The story is authentic. I was conducting breeding bird surveys in Jonesport when I found the fawn remains and coyote tracks. It was a sobering sight as dusk set in. You’re welcome to freely share my photo. Please consider giving me photo credit when possible. And thanks for sharing great information about hunting and fishing in Maine.