November 29, 2023

It’s a Bug’s Life

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When living “in the woods” one has to expect to share that space with all creatures, even some of the small ones that some people would find creepy and crawly. This summer has been exceptionally wet, with tons of rain and yes, more is expected tonight and tomorrow and into the weekend.

I don’t recall in the many years of coming to my camp, that there being so many worms/caterpillars as there have been this summer. We spend a lot of time on the tarp-covered deck and it appears that the caterpillars are taking over that too. You better look close before sticking a hamburger in your mouth. There’s apt to be a worm sitting there looking at you.

We have seen tons more birds about the trees as well, I suppose due to the increased number of things to eat.

Below are a couple of pictures of bugs crawling on the deck, table and picnic table.

Last night a bard owl was hanging around. This makes two evenings in a row. Likes to perch in the same tree and watch over the opening and grassy area we created here last year.

Over the years, I have been taking care of all the oak trees and managing the forest around them in hopes of having healthy trees that produce better nuts for the wildlife. Trees are looking good. They are producing acorns this year, although not in any sense a bumper crop. Some nuts have begun to fall and those that do look very small – perhaps because of all the rain.


Photo by Tom Remington

Photo by Tom Remington