October 2, 2023

Substantiation of a Sick, Perverse and Upside-Down Society of Brain Dead People

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A brain dead, useful or perhaps useless idiot, was in his yacht, with his dog…..and, oh yeah, he brought along his wife. The boat run aground on a reef and began to sink. The idiot, his dog and, oh yeah, his wife, had on life jackets; the flea bag mutt was wearing a custom designed personal flotation device equipped with strobe light beacon. I think his wife’s was strapped with lead.

As the ship was sinking, that damned wife of his got her safety lines from her life jacket tangled in the steering wheel. No problem, though. He left his wife and swam to shore with his dog to save it first. He then returned to the sinking boat and retrieved his wife. What an inconvenience for the bastard, that he had to return to get his damned wife.

A person like this needs to rot in hell, in my opinion, and I hope he does.

The ruling elite have created a mass of non thinking, robotic, brain dead useless idiots that would save a dog before another human being. The United States if rife with them and actively at work fighting for the “rights” of animals over the rights of people. SICK!! SICK!! SICK!!!

I’m having another “out of planet” experience, as this is no place that I should be living.


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