February 7, 2023

Anti-Gun Puppets of Bloomberg Preach to Crowd of 15 in Richmond

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Fascist Michael Bloomberg is determined to disarm the American citizenry so that he and his ruling elite can more easily exert mob control and continue his systematic approach to strip Americans of all their rights, including telling them every move they are allowed to make.

As part of his bombastic bullying, Bloomberg is sponsoring a bus tour, traveling through 25 states lying, cheating and misleading the American people with anti-gun rhetoric.

Yesterday, Bloomberg’s bus brigade of bloviating bullies, stopped in Richmond, Virginia where a crowd of 15 showed up to listen.

I suppose in the way that Al Gore thinks, or not, he would say that those not attending Bloomberg’s rally were racists and flatearthers and he would encourage the fascist movement to continue on and that someday the rest of the world will come around to their way of thinking…..or not thinking.