December 3, 2023

R.I.P.: Joe Perham, Dear Friend, Maine Humorist

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So sad was the news I received yesterday that long-time friend and hunting companion, Joe Perham, passed away. He was 80-years old.

For those interested, the Sun Journal provides a well written article about some of Joe’s past. Please feel free to read it.

The photo above reminds me often of the story Joe always told of when his lifelong friend, Milt Inman, and he, traveled and fished in Alaska. One day Milton caught a 54-pound king salmon on his fly rod, spending considerable time and energy to get the fish landed. It was a fete few could accomplish. Just about the time Milton was able to net the fish, Joe showed. He had been upstream fishing for dolly varden and had successfully landed two of them.

When Joe asked Milt if he had had any luck, Milt showed him his prize 54-pound king and Joe said, “All you caught was one?”

The stories are endless as will be the memories. For many years I was fortunate to have shared the same hunting camp with Joe, and other goods times, but more importantly my life was blessed to have known the man. Memories and the echos of his voice are forever etched in my mind.

For several years now, I have developed and maintained a website for Joe, where people can visit and buy his Maine humor CDs and storytelling.

In memory of Joe Perham, please listen to a few of his hunting and fishing tales.

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