February 5, 2023

How Seriously Does McCain Take the Killing of Human Life?

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At a 3-hour hearing in which lying, cheating, thieving scumbag politicians were supposed to be listening to the liars lying about evidence to justify the United States attacking and killing Syrian people in order to stop the attacking and killing of Syrian people, John McCain is caught on camera sitting in the hearing playing video poker. And we thought these crooked, narcissistic, hair ball, vermin were careless and callous in not bothering to read Obamacare or probably any other law they voted on. And we are supposed to support our government…..because WHY?

I read earlier this morning a commentary that included the thought that computers were designed in order to make man more productive. And then, somebody invented the Internet.

I might suggest treating the brain dead, useless, pols like the children they are and taking away their electronic toys while at work but these crooked bastards would make a law that would prohibit the voters from using electronic games while exempting themselves.

Why can’t people see through this nonsense.

In a side note and yet related, Greg Gutfeld, a member of Fox News’ “The Five”, who never has anything intelligent to say, yesterday made the only rational comment I’ve ever heard him speak. In describing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing with General Dempsey, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, Gutfeld said it was like watching a very boring and orchestrated event. Too bad he didn’t really understand what he was saying or have the ambition to discover why it was a boring and ORCHESTRATED event.