September 25, 2023

Obama’s EPA Slithering Around in Secrecy

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lisajacksonDoes it effect Americans when government personnel and entire departments slither around in secrecy, doing all that they can to skirt around transparency in government regulations? How would we know if it is? We are, more than likely, being hidden from the truth. That is what government does best!

Former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Lisa Jackson is going to appear before Congress on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 to begin answering questions about her using secret email accounts, along with many higher ranking members of the EPA. In addition hiding, cheating, stealing, forging and manipulating of documents sought through requests supposedly authorized by the Freedom of Access Act laws, were a common thing…….oooops! This is where I insert the word “allegedly.”

If the EPA has something to hide, which when this behavior is being used, is it wrong to assume that corruption exists?

But should this come as a shock to those who have some background on Lisa Jackson, aside from the fact she was hired by Barack Obama?

According to the Washington Examiner, Jackson’s EPA was awash with secrecy and thus corruption. But didn’t she learn from one of the most crooked politicians/money men/bankers in America and was then hired by one of the most crooked presidents and administrations of all time? Sorry if you don’t agree.

Lisa Jackson was the environmental administrator in the State of New Jersey under Governor Jon Corzine. Corzine is the corrupt scumbag who duped millions of dollars out of unsuspecting investors. A former Goldman Sachs corruptocrat, and close buddy with all the banking elites, Corzine, after leaving the office of governor, founded MF Global where he raked in millions, stealing money away from investors. For those not of mental capacity, stealing is illegal and for us serfs, general we get punished.

And so what prison is Corzine now serving time in? Oh, wait! No, no! He’s not serving time. He’s serving more lies, cheats and thefts. He’s up to his business as usual working with one of his cronies at MF Global.

So while Lisa Jackson probably learned how to be a corrupt politician under Corzine, or if not she sure upped her learning curve, (I hadn’t seriously considered that maybe she taught him) should anyone who cared have suspected she wouldn’t bring her corruptness to the EPA and blend in magnificently with this administration?

With all the things going on in this country and around the globe, why should any of us believe for a second that trotting Lisa Jackson up to Capital Hill to answer a few pre-planned questions will accomplish anything? Let’s see. What has become of Benghazi? How about Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, NSA, IRS, Fast and Furious… god how long is this list that has no answers and no resolves?

The majority of screwed up Americans are more interested in a “twerking” Miley Cyrus than how many people Obama wants to kill in Syria. And so, who is this Lisa Jackson broad anyway?