September 22, 2023

Gary Marbut Books

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The Fourth Printing of my book Gun Laws of Montana, updated to 2013, is now available and shipping. To order, see the instructions at:

For stores, trainers and others, there is a 40% discount for orders of 10 or more books.

Dear MSSA Friend,

I just published another book, an E-book on Amazon, Hunting Elk by Handgun, just in time for hunting season. Now I need customers and (hopefully good) reviews. The full title is:
Hunting Elk by Handgun, a Primer for Beginners, a Refresher for Others.

For any hunter who ever thought about hunting big game with a handgun, especially for Rocky Mountain elk, this book is packed with information that will give readers the knowledge and confidence to take the plunge. Covering all essential aspects of gear and technique, from scouting to game retrieval, Hunting Elk by Handgun opens the door to a challenging method of hunting. Written by a veteran handgun hunter, this book details field-proven practices sufficient to inspire any prospective handgun hunter or refresh and improve the ability of any existing handgun hunter.

This E-book is formatted for Amazon’s Kindle, although Amazon has free apps for computers, tablets and smartphones. It can also be read with free Calibre software.

Please send this email on to your friends.


Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association