December 3, 2023

The Protect the Wolf CON Job CONtinues

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wolfpups - CopyGuest article by Rattler Rider

So wolves should be on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) list because 85% of their original range has no wolves expanded into that range. NEVER MIND that wolves would have to be on agricultural and city lands to meet that objective; competing with coyotes for mice apparently. And since the prey species is not at the population levels needed to sustain wolves on the entire original range what the hell will they eat?

Dr. Vucetich also speaks of his expertise in making judgement calls based upon the language of the ESA. Are judgement calls by experts ever dead wrong? ABSOLUTELY and Dr. Vucetich is dead wrong here and so is the ESA document. Shouldn’t the Buffalo and Elk herds that once roamed the plains be in that same range before brilliant enlightened men attempt to restore wolves onto that same range? What are we missing here? Come on Dr. V? Unenlightened minds beg to know?

Wait, Dr. V! Some of us get it, wolves should go onto the other 85% of their original range regardless of the fact this would prove unsustainable for the wolves and very likely create negative wolf-human-conflict. You’ve convinced me V! You really are a moron. Or you’re afraid to say what you should have said: Yes, wolves should be delisted because the prey species cannot support them on the other 85% of their “original range.” Which is what USFWS even claims as factual.

Is this why they removed you from the peer review board?

Now, the other thing here is it’s obviously long past time to rewrite the ESA. I love how you professors of vast knowledge keep proving that.