December 3, 2023

The Wolf Had Brain Damage

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wolfattackThat’s the official story of the wolf that attacked a teen at a Minnesota camp ground last month.

Tests results show that a wolf that bit a 16-year-old boy’s head at a northern Minnesota campground had severe deformities as well as brain damage, which likely explains the reason for the “unprecedented” freak attack, wildlife specialists said Thursday.

I want to know how the masters of all things wolves, know that this wolf had brain damage. Is this much like pretending to know that animals feel pain? Even Peter Singer, the guru of all things animal liberation, admits you can’t assess whether an animal feels pain unless there exists verbal communication between us humans and the animal – kind of like when you go to the doctor and they ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 where on the chart your pain is.

Obviously there are certain assumptions (biases would be more accurate, but I’m trying to be nice) being made here; all of course to protect the wolf. Always protect the damned wolf.

Why is it so obvious? Let me list out the comments made in this one article about the event and the conclusions they are attempting to force down the throats of non thinking people.

1. “….which likely explains the reason for the “unprecedented” freak attack.”
2. “…rare encounter…”
3. “…first documented wild wolf attack on a human….”
4. “…things you wouldn’t expect a wild wolf to do.”
5. “…was never aggressive…”
6. “Whether it actually knew what it was biting into is probably unlikely.”
7. “…it happened to bite into somebody’s head.”
8. “…it’s likely the wolf experienced a traumatic injury as a pup…”
9. “…likely hampered its ability to effectively capture wild prey.”
10. “..stomach contained only fish spines and scales.”
11. “…likely predisposed it to be less wary of people and human activities…”
12. “That “strongly explains” why the animal was behaving the way it was…”
13. “It’s surprising that a wolf in this condition survived to this point…”
14. “Attacking a human is “definitely abnormal and unusual.”
15. “…rarely is there any aggression toward people.”
16. “This kind of thing is unprecedented.”

(I took liberties to embolden the absurd use of adjectives and adverbs)

Even IF, and nothing here is conclusive, the wolf acted like most retarded politicians in this country, the 16 comments and key phrases is about as ignorant and biased as they get. The sad part is, the majority of people who read this garbage believe it to be true.