December 2, 2023

9 in 10 EPA Employees Deemed “Non Essential”

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According to information found on Breitbart, 93% of EnvironMENTAL Protection Agency’s employees have been labeled “non essential” during this fake government shutdown. Fake because both “sides” want to see how the people will react and the president is saying all he can to piss off more and more people, pitting them one against another. He’s following orders.

Of course it’s easy to take this information and embellish it into something it might not be by attempting, as Breitbart and most media outlets are doing, to convince the people that 93% of those employed aren’t needed.

In searching around on the U.S. Government website, I failed to find a definition for what constitutes a “non essential” employee during a government shut down. If one examines a dictionary, they will find that nonessential means the opposite of essential, i.e. “absolutely necessary; indispensable.” Nonessential therefore means, not absolutely necessary; not indispensable. Who decides in that lying, cheating, stealing government what necessary and indispensable means?

It is my opinion that 100% of employees and staff at the EPA are non essential and should all be sent home permanently. And while we’re at it, let’s throw in the IRS, Department of Energy, Department of Education, etc. etc. NONE of them are “essential”. It is just the result of government bloat.

The EPA, like all other government departments, is non essential.