February 2, 2023

Editorial: Global Warming Won’t Kill You But Cooling May?

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Recently former rocker Bob Geldof (now 61), spoke to a group of youths in South Africa and made what amounts to yet another unbelievable prediction from the global warming crowd when he said that “All humans will die before 2030.” So says an article from The Daily Star (10-06-13).

This latest “we’re all going to die” threat from the extremist environmental community, as you may have guessed, is mostly wrong but regrettably, somewhat right! What is ‘real’ about the risks we all face from climate change, and specifically the next climate change, does warrant everyone’s serious attention. So what is the ‘real’ story behind expectations of human suffering from the next climate threat?

While Mr. Geldof (“Sir Bob” in the UK) has absolutely no reliable science to back up his outlandish claim, his dire forecast does fit within the current push by the manmade global warming movement to get a global consensus before the ‘real’ climate hits with a vengeance. It also matches nicely with the recent proclamation (another unbelievable lie) by President Obama at Georgetown University, when he said on June 25, 2013, that global warming is “accelerating!”

What ‘real climate’ are we talking about?” Well, how about the only one that exists – the newly started potentially dangerous, cold climate. Depending on how one measures it, the beginning of this new climate was between seven and sixteen years ago! That’s right. We have been deceived about the true status of the Earth’s climate for many years. No one in the mainstream media (MSM) or the US government is telling you the truth about the climate. I can tell you the truth since I am not tied to the fraudulent greenhouse gas/CO2 story of how our climate allegedly varies. I have no shackles of money, power or politics, or the desire for a Nobel Prize, or a university’s quest for federal research grant money to hold back my honest opinions about the climate. I am freely driven by facts and the pursuit of truth alone. The truth is that the Earth has moved on from the past Sun-caused global warming period and has now entered a long term global cooling era. Global warming has ended. Let me say that with emphasis: THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING!!<<<Read the Rest>>>