December 11, 2023

Closing National Parks or Being Hatefully Spiteful?

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I don’t even want to get ranting and raving about government incompetence and why we are even in some kind of fake government shutdown. Instead, let’s take a brief look into what is really going on that is, in my opinion, beyond any imaginable scope of common decency.

Ok, so President Obama decided to make it as painful on the American people (and he has succeeding in pissing off foreign guests as well) as possible and shut down the National Parks, among other things. Is it necessary? At best it’s debatable and worst, it’s tyrannical.

I hate government and, for the most part, everything is stands for…..both sides, party politics (sorry! Get back in line). And yet, whether you think the closing of national parks is necessary during this fake shutdown, I can find reasons why closing some entire parks or areas down…….if I use my imagination.

I don’t want to get into compiling a list of “what ifs” but let’s look at just one thing. What if, a national park was left open, a park where there is no permanent staff, gates, facilities to maintain, etc., and someone got injured, lost or something along those lines. I realize that I might be stretching things a bit here, but I am trying to be a nice guy, as difficult as that is for me to do.

However (and I should probably put that in all caps), there are just some things going on that appear more grounded in spite than complying with a fake government shutdown. I suppose some of the actions could be credited to the monster of totalitarian power we’ve bestowed upon all persons of authority since 9/11, but I’m going to go with spite, at least for now.

Consider the ultimate, so far, in spiteful actions, during this Kabuki Theater of government charades and profound ineptness. From the Catholic Online, this tidbit of information: “It[sic] what looks like a spiteful move, the NPS even removed handles from water spigots along the Chesapeake and Ohio canal where bikers and joggers exercise as well as along the Great Allegheny Passage, just to ensure people don’t get any water from them.”

It’s angering enough that we learn that government spent more money in order to stop spending money to pull off this fake shenanigan. And, to go out of their way to prevent unnecessary public access, raises even more suspicion. This kind of behavior has wrongfully been an acceptable (by the people) practice of government, as we have done nothing to stop it.

To spitefully remove handles from water fountains? Please somebody give me a legitimate reason why this is necessary.

I have two words for Obama, his administration and the 535 members of Congress. It totals seven letters and as of right now I will not place those two words on this website……..yet!

What will this bunch of incompetent, immature, corrupt, hateful, spiteful idiots in Washington do, when the real crisis they have created hits the fan?

And all the people said, “What crisis is that?”