December 9, 2023

To Fend Off Attacking Bear Grab Bear’s Tongue

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Imagine yourself walking through the woods near your home, when a bear jumps out and attacks you. That’s what happened to Gilles Cyr who lives near Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada. Grand Falls is located just over the border and east of Limestone, Maine.

Cyr says once the bear attacked him, “When I opened up my eyes it was on top of me.” That’s when he decided that being that the biggest thing he could see was the bear’s tongue, to grab it and not let go. Each time the bear tried to bite Cyr, he bit his tongue, perhaps saving him from more personal injury or this life.

Cyr was able to escape behind a tree and suffered “superficial claw wounds.”


*Note*: For those incapable of knowing the difference between reality and fiction, the picture of the bear above is NOT the same bear that attacked Gilles Cyr. The bear in the photograph is actually not a bear at all. It’s a slightly doctored up picture of Nancy Pelosi before she’s had her morning coffee.