November 27, 2022

“Climate Shock” Killing the Moose?

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In a state that has perhaps the largest moose population in the Lower 48 States, a local newspaper republishes a Washington Post, agenda driven, journalism atrocity describing “climate shock” as the reason that states in the United States are claiming they are losing moose.

The Bangor Daily News should know better than this but more than likely they are looking for filler information and articles like this one not only fill that bill but also falls in line with their own political biases and as such are more than willing to be the shills of the “sky is falling” climate change worshipers.

“Climate Shock” should be effective enough to add more money to the coffers of ignorant, fake scientists who suck off the tit of government. So long as propaganda and a willing media can perpetuate the fear of global destruction due to “climate shock”, and let’s not forget those poor animals, huge retirement plans are what’s for the future.

It’s not even worth my time to dissect this journalistic piece of garbage, only to say that absolutely none of it is based on anything worthwhile. Real journalism is non existent. Journalism today is to go out and find somebody with a B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. after their name and are willing to say all the politically motivated talking points, and give press. There is no such thing as providing all sides or even verifying information for accuracy. Ignorance will never question today’s journalism and that’s why they do it. Question them and they paint you as a freak.

And for further proof that the mind manipulations of the media, along with the education institutes’ feeding of lies and poor information, visit the link to this article and read the comments. Oh my! But I don’t know how much blame to lay in the lap of these individual people. They are only repeating what they have been told, they want to believe what they have been told and what they repeat, and are not willing to seek out the real truth for themselves.

They like what it sounds like and so it becomes their truth. This is what we are witnessing.

Is there no hope for the future?