September 22, 2023

EnvironMENTALISM Shuts Down Cheerleaders’ Car Wash Fundraiser

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I think it’s time for songwriters and singers to change their “patriotic” songs to more reflect the real nation the United States has become.

In San Jose, California, a Lincoln High School cheering squad was running a car wash on the school property to raise money for their activity. The city fascist Environmental Services Department(EDS), after complaints from totalitarian, mentally ill, brainwashed neighbors complained, shut down the operation stating it violated city water discharge laws.

According to statements by the EDS, “Anything that is not storm water or rain water is considered a pollutant.” Evidently the city funnels their storm water run-off into nearby creeks. Supposedly, waste water from the car wash was running into storm drains.

The city fascist government says that, “If it goes into a storm drain, that pollutant will harm wildlife and habitats in the creeks. Water goes directly from the storm drains into our creeks.”

Of course the hundreds and hundreds of gallons and pounds of items such as lawn fertilizers, grease, gas, oil on streets, bums pissing on the sidewalk, vomit, dog and cat excrement, spit from the mouths of human slobs, coffee dumped out of car windows, cigarette butts, etc. that eventually end up in the storm drains and into the creeks is alright but not a kids car wash?

I wonder how many thousands of people are washing their own vehicles at home and that run-off finds its way into the storm drains. Shouldn’t the city environMENTALists ban all home car washes? SHUT EM DOWN! Certainly there are more cars being washed in private driveways and back alleys than the handful a bunch of kids wash on a Saturday afternoon. And where does the city wash their vehicles?

And consider that the city themselves take sewer water and treat it with chemicals, not removing existing harmful chemicals and toxins, just “pollutants”, and dump their own toxic waste into the creeks, rivers and streams killing off fish and other wildlife. And that’s okay? But shut down a kids car wash?

If the environmental pigs are going to destroy a high school cheering squad, then what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Perhaps it’s time to actually enforce the real polluters and litterers.

Let’s shut em all down! Including the city.