December 2, 2023

Maine Doesn’t Have Wolves….”RIGHT NOW!”

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Sometimes when people read, they quickly skim and miss things. The other night I was talking with friends and one said, “When I read, I go so fast I miss a lot of the content.” I was surprised and followed that comment with my own, “Must be why I read so slow.”

A friend sent me a link today of a Maine television station report on the status of moose in state. The report featured a Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) biologist explaining the differences between why Maine’s moose population is said to be healthy, numerous and growing, while New Hampshire claims there’s is continuing to drop.

In reading, slowly, through the news account, I discovered this statement from the MDIFW biologist:

“We see in Maine again a very large area, 10 million acres of contiguous forest land,” said Lindsey. “So we have a large area of very good habitat with a lot of feed in it and we also have a place of a fairly low deer population so deer not bringing in meningeal worm which can affect moose and the other thing is we don’t have wolves right now.”(Emboldening Added)

As individuals, we can do anything we want with that statement. We can not see it, see it but not think about it, see it and disregard any kind of meaning or message, see it and wonder if this person has some kind of inside track on information about wolves the rest of us don’t. Or, it may mean nothing at all.

The real point I’m attempting to make here is that when reading things, I am a firm believer that regardless of who wrote it, there probably are truths in there somewhere. You have to find them, do a bit of research and then decide for yourself and not blindly follow what some has told you. We should all perhaps slow down just a bit and take in the content and what’s being said or implied.

Questioning statements, along with motives, sometimes can render interesting results. It certainly makes you a smarter person.