December 11, 2023

In Another Life

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I used to build houses. The photo below is of a house I built near my hometown in Maine. It was quite an undertaking right from the beginning. It was a challenge but loads of fun building it. I did it from a photograph and a graph paper sketch of the footprint. Take note of the round, brick structure at the center/corner of the house, now apparently the main entrance. That was built my Milt Inman; the gentleman and close friend who shares his photographs with us on this website, like the one below. He was notorious for many things and being a brick and stone mason was one.

The house has changed from its original construction. A deck wrapped around the plow front (left in photograph) and wound its way all the way around the other plow front (the one facing directly in the photo.) In addition, the beginnings of a deck over carport could have been seen coming from the house straight out over the driveway. The plan called for that deck to be 85 feet in length; I think 60 feet wide. Also, the brick turret is three stories high. The bottom level is now underground but was an entrance from the same level as the driveway under the carport.

The part of the house to the left in the photo, faces across the valley with a view of Sunday River Ski Resort. From the peak of the roof there, down to ground level is a considerable distance but seemed even higher at the time of construction because of the sharply sloping land of the side hill the house was constructed on.

The roof was originally built with hand-split, red cedar shakes.


Milt Inman Photo