December 11, 2023

I Write The Songs….Er, Editorials

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Exposing myself to possible ridicule, along with guffawing and other assorted unpleasant comments, I want to tell readers about a song from several years ago that was written and sung by Barry Manilow (Now cut that out.) The words go something like this:

I’ve been alive forever,
And I wrote the very first song.
I put the words and the melody together.
I am music,
And I write the songs.

Odd you may say but let’s change the word song to editorial. The “I” can be replaced by anyone or anything, such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) or any other whacked out bunch of perverts, promoting an agenda.

Readers need to understand the tactics employed by groups like the HSUS, while perhaps not illegal, and most today would not deem them even unethical. They are at least misleading. The tactic, as is displayed in editorials all across Maine, is to have some perverse, well-funded and well-organized environmental group, like HSUS, write editorials for all newspapers statewide and then attach someone’s name to it, presumably with that person’s permission.

A great example of that can be found in the Portland Press Herald, where a medical doctor, Dr. Erica Heinrich, has her name attached to a letter to the editor presenting her as being against the inhumane treatment of bears, the result of hunting, trapping and hounding.

Proof of what I speak can easily be determined by simply reading this opinion piece alongside the countless other written driveling about the cruelties of bear hunting. They all contain the exact same words, the exact same talking points. The only change one might find is that an attempt is made in most of the misleading and incorrect information to humanize the existence of bears; in this case comparing bears with runners and basketball players.

Being that we are all products of planned brainwashing, one might think that the repetition found in editorials is nothing more than robotic repeating of the same clap-trap that has been drummed into our heads since birth and probably it began in the womb. When this is all brought together into an anti hunting campaign, the non thinking robots simply repeat and/or are willing to attach their names to talking points that are mostly lies, never questioning, never thinking.

This particular editorial, linked to above, exemplifies the attempt to humanize the existence of bears and place them on par with humans. I enjoy what Wesley J. Smith wrote in the National Review about animal rights:

Excuse me? This is just another way of positing a human duty to humane care. If we are the only species with duties, in my book that makes us exceptional. If we are not exceptional, then why can’t we shirk our duties?

Bottom line: If animals and nature have rights, they must be given equal consideration with our own wellbeing in all endeavors in which flora or fauna are impacted. That would bring human progress–economic and moral–to a screeching halt.

The effectiveness of the fake editorials materializes through continued drumming of false information into the brains of non thinking humans, i.e. those that have effectively been brainwashed to blindly follow and never question or think independently. And that’s why it is being done.