December 3, 2023

Obama’s Filthy, Disgusting, Perverse Obamacare Ad

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And I’ll say right off the top that if you think this is the kind of advertising this corrupt, vile, perverse president and his equally labeled bunch of assholes in his administration, is proper and a true representation of the people of America, you’re sick!

This is NOT my government representation, nor is it anything I want anything to do with. This president and those promoting Obamacare with this ad are filthy, disgusting, pigs for creating ads like this.

4 gay men dressed in shorts design to accent their penises, posing in more than provocative ways, is Satanic and rooted in his evil. This should never be tolerated and so lock me up in jail because I am ashamed to even be an American today. This evil bastard in the White House needs to go and all 535 congressional representatives with him for allowing this shit to happen.

WOW! Talk about walking in the gutter of disgusting filth.