December 9, 2023

The Modern Child

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Humor: True stories:

A young lady of perhaps 3 was with family and making quite a mess eating an ice cream cone. She was told by one family member that she needed to learn how to eat an ice cream cone without making such a mess. The 3-year-old replied, “Well, I need more practice.”

Later on that day, the 3-year-old emerged from a store after shopping. It was raining. The young lady said, “Oh, God!”, in disgust of the weather. The mother explained to the little girl that we shouldn’t use God in that manner. In response, the little girl said, “Well, damn it! It’s raining!”

Once again her mom explained that that wasn’t a proper way of speaking, to which the little girl replied, “Well, shit! What am I supposed to say then?”

I take it the subject was dropped.