March 24, 2023

Obama’s Fascist Climate Hubs

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Hot Air’s Erika Johnsen made the below comment in regards to President Obama’s Climate Hubs in which the President states that these zones can better address the problems farmers might have with climate change.

Well. The seven “hubs” and several “sub-hubs” are going to be set up at already-existing USDA facilities and it looks like this really only amounts to some flimsy administrative reshuffling with a nice alliterative name tacked on, but Obama has been talking a big game about all of the executive actions he’s going to implement to “act” on climate change wherever he can and where Congress won’t.

One has to do a deep review of history in order to better understand that seldom is anything ever done by any president, at least since Woodrow Wilson, that is “flimsy administrative reshuffling.” Most often there is a better reason of which it is seldom revealed to those not wishing to dig deeper or are programmed not to rock any boats.

This president’s perceptions of what might be “farmers problems” in dealing with climate change may differ drastically with any farmers actual problems. As this president moves forward in implementing his own form of communistic fascism, I doubt very seriously he has the best interest of farmers, or anyone else outside of the power elite, in crafting his climate hubs. One can bet that the real goal here is to better and with more ease, continue his assault on the American people in the destruction of what was once a great free and productive society.