March 28, 2023

Open Thread – Monday, February 17, 2014

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PresidentsDayI was reminded this morning on one of the Black Pope controlled media television stations that President Gerald Rudolph Ford pardoned President Richard Millhouse Nixon after his resignation due to the fake Watergate affair. The news anchor stated that history has shown that “it was the right thing to do.” Whether it was the right thing to do or not is a decision I will leave up to you. However, consider perhaps the real reason Ford pardoned Nixon.

Nixon and Ford were co-conspirators in the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, as well as Ford sitting on the fake Warren Commission. Both Nixon and Ford knew each others involvement. Perhaps it was Ford knowing that if he did NOT pardon Nixon, he would be willing to risk his own life, in the hands of the Vatican, to spill the beans of Ford……..Or, it was all part of the original plans of the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Pope and the Vatican as to what they would do with Nixon after they run him out of office.

Happy President’s Day!

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