September 24, 2023

Counter Offensive to Stop Efforts of Wolf Crossing to Thwart Killer Wolves

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From The Opposition:

Folks the animal activists are at it again, trying to force ranchers to live with spree killing Mexican wolves. They are upset because only one wolf may be removed. There are up to 9 wolves killing bred cows with 15 killed in the last month alone. Please call those numbers and urge FWS to follow the RULE and remove that pack. Lethally if necessary. Ranches and JOBS they provide should be more important than a pack of problem wolves.

USFWS Southwest Regional Office
Mexican Wolf Recovery Coordinator: 505-761-4748
External Affairs Office: 505-248-6911
Main Office: 505-248-6920

USFWS in Washington, DC Public number: 1-800-344-9453

New Mexico Senators:
Senator Martin Heinrich DC: 202-224-6621 ABQ: 505-346-6601
Senator Tom Udall DC: 202-224-5521 ABQ: 505-346-6791