September 25, 2023

Farce of the Century: Critical Information Needs

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It’s a bit like Groundhog’s Day, the movie. This country has the media, which is controlled and manipulated by the Vatican-controlled (Black Pope) Council on Foreign Relations, pretending to be revealing “shocking” information that President Obama wants to have Federal Communications Commission members inserted into media newsrooms in order to monitor the processes taken, including the decision making that goes into what gets put out for information and how much gets made available. This would be known, evidently, as “Critical Information Needs” (CINs). In other words, like Mayor Bloomberg and others, the fascist government, run by the corporate fascists, which are all part of the ruling establishments that make decisions to benefit only themselves, want to control what news and how much of it you can hear. Don’t they already?

Members of the press, at least many of them, are putting up a good act pretending to be outraged. Consider the harping of Greta Van Susteren on her show the other night talking to a panel about this issue. She kept coming back to the same question to the panel wanting to know if any of them were shocked that an American president and his administration would “even consider such an idea?”

Nice try!

This dog and pony show, may not actually be the farce of the century but to the blind, it might be an opportunity to see the truth about what is already taking place. After all, it is so obvious. All this Kabuki Theater is for one purpose and one purpose only. It’s to make Americans THINK there exists freedom of the press now, which completes the vicious cycle of controlling and manipulating the people, while making them think they are free. Like Groundhog’s Day, we wake up every morning to the same fake, controlling, state-controlled media, believing it to be the truth (because after all we are free) and we return to the comfort of thinking nothing’s changed. God, it’s great to be free!

By design, some are stupid enough to believe this is nothing more than adding lipstick to the pig of the Fairness Doctrine. Those who do, don’t understand that the Fairness Doctrine was another in a long line of dog and pony shows crammed down the throats of slave Americans to make them THINK they were free and government was the god of that freedom. The Fairness Doctrine was an attempt to make the job of presenting fake news easier.

It is actually hilariously funny if you have an understanding of the purpose and operation of the Black Pope’s media machine. While Americans are intent on watching the one hand that is waving and snapping its fingers championing “freedom of the press”, the other hand continues to go about its business of controlling the news to make sure you only see and hear what the press (Black Pope) wants you to see and hear, all under the control of powers outside the U.S. Government.

But I don’t mean to upset your day. It would be very disturbing to have to come to terms with such truth. After all, who wants to admit they have been lied to their entire life by government and the press, while believing it all to be truth?

Now, back to your local news……because you are “free” to watch it.