January 28, 2023

Idaho Passes Socialist Bill – Hunters, Ranchers Will Pay

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It has become obvious that government will always be business as usual, and here it is the beginning of Stop Government Abuse Week. How much more abusive can it be when fascist government dictates its programs against the will of the people and then the same fascist government forces the servants to pay for the fascist’s perverted abuses?

The Idaho House has passed a bill that would bilk $2 million dollars from taxpayers and spitefully rob the Livestock Industry and Hunters of $110,000 a year to mitigate the corruption and fraud the Idaho Government and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service committed when they forced the introduction of non native wolves on Idaho. After introduction, both governments turned a blind eye to the destruction they now want citizens to pay for. It’s criminal really!

I dealt with this confounded, socialistic, masochistic, idiotic, nonsensical, issue back during its proposal.