February 6, 2023

Who Will Start Civil Unrest in This Country?

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It’s no secret. I have stated for years now that there has never been any let up in attempts to disarm America. I have emphatically stated that the last bastion against liberty and thwarting complete tyranny are the millions of armed citizens and the millions of arms they possess. Is the posturing in Connecticut what will trigger revolt? And who will pull the trigger first?

Here’s what we know. Connecticut passed a law that required certain guns and magazines, legally owned by some Connecticut citizens, forcing them to either turn those weapons over to the government or apply for registration. It was reported that as many as 350,000 citizens told the Connecticut Legislature to stick it by refusing to comply with what many believed to be an unconstitutional law.

We know that a spokesman for the Connecticut State Police said he was “the master” and was prepared to go door to door and confiscate those weapons and magazines. But will they? He said he was sworn to uphold the constitution. But he didn’t say which one.

But the rhetoric is being ramped up, especially on the so-called Second Amendment supporters’ side. Be careful who you listen to and who you decide to follow. What you might get isn’t what you thought you might be getting. There are insiders looking to incite violence.

This website has examples of the rhetoric ramping-up. It also has links to other sites I planned to link to but you can find those links in this one article.

It is my belief that certain “government” authorities, more truthfully probably useful idiots and plants within the gun rights groups under the direction of the Council on Foreign Relations and or their operatives, who want civil unrest. Obama is prepared for civil unrest. I believe he wants civil unrest. I believe he wants to become the Tsar, the dictator and will have the excuse he needs and others want to lock em and load em and go door to do, killing you and your Second Amendment freedom. Oh, and did I mention he’ll take your guns?

If any U.S. citizens expect to have the full support of all Second Amendment, liberty loving Americans, they better let government make the first move.

Look before you leap!