January 30, 2023

To Catch a Wolf Ain’t Easy. I Told You So

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“After four weeks of searching, wildlife officials have not found a wolf or wolves thought to be responsible for killing a colt in Croy Canyon west of Hailey last month.”<<<Read More>>>

Idiots of course would be quick to accuse the lack of finding the wolf that killed a young colt in the Hailey region of Idaho on nonsense about how a wolf or wolves were never the culprits responsible for the kill. Remember, the aim of wolf cultists is to protect the predator at all costs…….ALL COSTS.

In regards to the Mt. Express article linked to above, Dr. Valerius Geist comments: “So, what do you know, wolves are hard to hunt. The success of Alberta trappers was about one wolf per five trappers per year. The Russians, I recall did better, roughly one wolf per paid wolf hunter per year. keep up the bruhaha and the wolf, very shy and sensitive, will keep a low profile. Two weeks after the hunters move on and peace reruns, he will kill the colt’s mother.”

And once again I remind readers of my historic accounting of the difficulties globally we humans have had “To Catch a Wolf,” especially when limited in the tools to get the job done.