February 7, 2023

Too Low Bear Mortality Results in Overpopulation Crisis in Ontario

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In Maine, the Humane Society of the United States and their trusty blind followers, are promoting a fall referendum to outlaw bear hunting, using bait, traps and dogs. Opponents to the referendum argue that such a move would usher in an overgrown number of bears presenting a myriad of problems. Anti hunters use false claims to support their myth that bears, like all other wildlife, “balance” themselves in numbers.

In Ontario, Canada a proposal is being considered to institute a spring bear hunt in order to help reduce the bear population that is, by some, described as a crisis. From an editorial opinion:

Today Ontario has a black bear overpopulation crisis, stemming from over 15 years of uncontrolled growth due to extremely low mortality yield percentage (hunter harvest mortality is less than 4%) over total population.

Black bears in growing numbers in Ontario are invading cottage areas, backyards, schoolyards, city and town streets. Landfill sites are full of overcrowded hungry bears.

During spring, summer and fall, Ontario news media endlessly report stories of problem bears, destroying public property, attacking, mauling, injuring and indeed tragically killing humans.

Both sides in this issue cannot be right!