December 2, 2023

Two Wolves Attack Dog Near Twisp, Washington

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It’s difficult to confirm this story, however, Hunting-Washington is reporting that two wolves attacked a dog, or two dogs near Twisp, Washington. The only other media report I have been able to find was at The Wenatchee World. That report is extremely brief and only states that it was NOT an attack by wolves.

Hunting-Washington says:

She immediately saw 2 wolves holding one dog on the ground. One had the head and the other had the rear. She screamed and the wolves let go and headed up the hill into the woods.

A fish and game biologist at the scene went to the defense of any wolves saying that this was an incidence of neighborhood dogs or perhaps coyotes. But an animal specialist called to the scene declared otherwise:

The animal conflict specialist showed up and examined all the tracks and skuffle in the snow and quickly declared it was 2 wolves. Agent Treser also agreed it was wolves.

The attack happened about 40-yards from the house where the owner’s children often play.