June 5, 2023

Man Who Supposedly Lost Both Legs in Boston Celebrates Pregnancy

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The photo below was plastered all over the news after last year’s alleged Boston Marathon bombing. The man in the wheelchair was featured in the news yesterday celebrating the pregnancy of his fiancee.

The only comments I will make about his is to say that if any person had just had their legs blown off in a bombing attack, there would be blood spurting everywhere. Okay! So, there isn’t blood spurting everywhere, therefore he must have bled out and died. But no, he’s sitting up in a wheelchair taking a ride down the street. He is conscious and as one person said, alert enough to have need of squinting his eyes from the sun.

Ask yourself, and then go find out, how long it would take to bleed out to unconsciousness and whether or not, adrenalin or no adrenalin, a person would remain conscious after having both legs blown off.