June 10, 2023

No Wolf Pimps On Gov. Otter’s Totalitarian Wolf Board

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Idaho’s HB 470 passed forcing hunters and ranchers to pay for damages done by wolves by the totalitarian wolf worshipers. The only good side of this bill is that, according to Idaho Business Review, the governor does not have to place a wolf pimp on the board that will decide which wolves live and which ones die.

If anything, this is just desserts for a group of brats who have always demanded their way, never an ounce of reasonableness and always moving the goal posts in order to protect their wolves at all costs. Now, once reality has set in, and was ably predicted by many whom the government fascists and totalitarian organizations would not listen to, it’s time to pay the fiddler.

Kill them wolves and bring their numbers down to what was agreed upon in the original lie perpetrated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.