February 7, 2023

Serious Problem: Wild Dog/Domestic Dog Cross Breeding

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“Many dog and wolf experts warn against owning or breeding wolf-dog hybrids. While dogs and wolves share much of the same genetic makeup, the small differences between the two that have emerged since the two species diverged some 14,000 years ago are very significant, experts say. They are known to have none of the natural fear or shyness around humans that wild wolves have, yet retain wolves’ powerful prey drive and do not respond to training. They also have strong territorial instincts that range for miles beyond their owners’ homes and are adept at climbing over or digging out of enclosures unless fences are 8 feet tall, have inleaning overhangs and concrete trenches around the perimeter.

“To mix a wild animal with a domestic animal doesn’t help either,” said Kent Weber, founder and director of Mission Wolf, a rescue organization in Colorado. “These end up being very confused animals, and most of them end up dead.”

He estimated there are about 250,000 wolf-dog hybrids in the United States. Though they are illegal in most states, an Internet search for “wolf dog” shows several sites advertising wolf-dog puppies and breeders.”<<<Read More>>>