March 21, 2023

Wolf: What’s to Understand?

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I am here to announce that I am working diligently on another new book. I wish I could give some kind of time line as to when it will be completed but I just am not able to just yet. I will keep readers abreast of the status.

I am presently and have been for some time, deeply embroiled in research and writing. Yesterday, as only a writer can appreciate, I spent 4 hours in order to write 2 pages.

Wolf: What’s to Understand?, examines topics such as global wolf history, the Endangered Species Act, events leading up to wolf reintroduction into the Greater Yellowstone Area and what has transpired since wolf reintroduction. I’ll also examine wolf diseases and what our future might look like with wolves on the landscape.

This may all sound like more of the same old, same old. But that will not be the case. This book will prove to be different than just about all other wolf books. I take all of the topics listed above and reveal how the bastardization of best available science, has, not only destroyed a vital and extremely necessary scientific industry, but has turned nearly every aspect of wildlife management into a political army tank plowing over individual rights and manipulating public law in ways never intended placing humans below the interest of animals.

Best available science has become best available fraud. Environmentalists, a combination of programmed facilitators and willing serfs, are crying for a “new understanding of wolves” and that there must be a “paradigm shift” in how wolves are discussed and their purpose in our society. This antithesis to science really began when environmentalists exclaimed, “Wolves are just misunderstood.”

Secretary of State John Kerry, through his role as a member and founder of the Aspen Institute, says that it is the function of the Institute to “create new knowledge.” So what exactly is new knowledge and why is it necessary to create it? Knowledge is to discover.

Best Available Science became the foundation of the Endangered Species Act. Unfortunately that concept fails when honest science is extracted from the process and replaced with “new knowledge,” a “new understanding” and a “paradigm shift.”

Wolf: What’s to Understand?, doesn’t set out to prove scientific theories as they pertain to wolves. Instead, the book will expose the fraud and politics, which has led to a complete distrust of a government system that makes and breaks all the rules.