March 21, 2023

Bears Can Break Down Garage Doors But Can’t Manage Round Door Knobs

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“With bears in Whistler emerging hungry from hibernation, Dolson and Busink are telling locals to take immediate action to bear-proof their properties. “It’s one of those things where if a bear has to be destroyed because it’s entered a house, it’s completely preventable,” Busink said. “The onus is on the residents of Whistler to be (proactive).”

To that end, officials say residents should keep all garbage indoors, clean barbecues and remove bird feeders. On top of that, bears can learn how to open doors with lever handles and Whistlerites should use only round doorknobs on outside doors while keeping deadbolts locked, they said.”<<<Read More>>>

Stated above concerning “bear proofing” your home, that failure to lock up your garbage and causing the death of a bear is, “completely preventable,” one has to wonder if that statement is any longer true. We now have documentation of a bear busting down a garage door to get at that “locked up” bear food. If that’s the case, then what’s to stop a bear from breaking down a front or back door or coming in through a window to get some food?

Bear proofing your home helps but it doesn’t make it, “completely preventable.” Better consult an expert in garage door installation on what is the best thing to do to prevent bears from coming in through your garage.