September 23, 2023

Predator Brainwashing in Full Affect

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A black bear came onto farm property in New Hampshire and killed a llama. From what I gather in reading the online report about the incident, the owners of the farm didn’t see what happened, as the report said they were sleeping during the incident.

Being asleep and not knowing what happened that lead up to the bear killing the llama, the owner says, “I don’t believe by any means the bear was out to kill. It was just an unfortunate situation where the llama got loose and ran. The bear was following its instinct to chase.”

And this is typical predator brainwashing from the years of false information given to people about predators; in this case bears. Any rational thinking person would have to understand that the reason the bear came to the farm was because it was hungry. It’s spring. Bears are coming out of hibernation. They haven’t eaten since last fall and green-up hasn’t really started. The bear came to eat, NOT to visit his animal friends.

It is unfortunate these people lost their llama. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. The animal is valuable in many ways and these people have a right to have the creature and others. But we must stop this nonsense of repeating how “rare” it is for bears to act this way, when that is just not true.

People will never be able to protect themselves and their property so long as they are not given the truth about bear behavior to know what to do.