December 11, 2023

Wisconsin: Seven Years to Go From 2 Million Deer to Ending Antlerless Hunting

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Weather and severe winters seem to be wreaking some havoc for white-tailed deer in some northern tier of states and it appears Wisconsin took its share of devastation. Sometimes finding blame for poor management in weather or global warming, is a growing trend.

Less than seven years ago, Wisconsin was in the middle of a program called “Earn-a-Buck” where hunters, before they could legally harvest an antlered deer, had to take a doe deer first. This was an effort, officials said, to reduce a deer population that was close to 2 million estimated statewide.

In 2006 Wisconsin officials were begging hunters to shoot more does to reduce the deer population.

Today, we read that Wisconsin has lost so many deer in at least 17 of their northern counties, they are planning to end all harvesting of doe (antlerless) deer. According to the linked-to article, the cause is being blamed on back-to-back severe winters.