September 27, 2023

More “Rare” Bear Encounters, Encroaching on Humans

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Here are some more of those so-called “rare” human/bear encounters that bear and predator protectors seem to want everyone to believe.

1. In Waterbury, Connecticut a young bear is spotted wandering the city. Eventually the bear climbs a tree, gets a dose of drugs and is released “somewhere else.” In this report, it at least admits that the bear population has increased adding to the number of incidents with bears.

2. Near Worcester, Mass, a bear and two cubs spotted, drugged and removed along with reports of other bear sightings lately in the same area. Officials in this report say, “bears are usually shy and won’t bother people.” Right!

3. Two bears were spotted around schools in the Leominster, Mass. area forcing kids to remain indoors. Authorities allowed the bears to “wander away.”

4. Game Wardens in Downeast Maine, at Princeton Elementary School, set a trap to catch a “nuisance” bear. Maine has seen numerous bear complaints and encounters already this spring. Not to worry though if your child is a student at Princeton Elementary because they are protected with walkie-talkies.

Children were allowed to go out for recess on Wednesday, but they were confined to the playground area, the principal said. The playground is about three-tenths of a mile from where the bear was seen, and it is located on the other side of the building. The children were monitored by school staff equipped with a walkie-talkie, she said.

“We felt they were safe,” Williams said.


5. The Arizona Game and Fish Department explains that bear encounters are numerous and offers tips on how to “prevent” bear encounters and tips on what to do if you “encounter” a bear. And don’t forget to “look big.”