March 21, 2023

Oregon Wolves Have Brain Power to Know Where to Find Mates in Other States

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Most young dispersing wolves have gone east to Idaho, where they have the best chance of finding other wolves for mates, Dennehy said.<<<Read More>>>

Now I have a question that perhaps some enlightened wolf “authority” can answer. As a human being, given a brain, that I use, I can reason out that if I was looking for a mate, I would seek out places where a perspective mate might be found. So, if a wolf is looking for a mate, as is indicated in the linked-to article, how does it know that more likely mates could be found back in Idaho?

We have heard that wolves do things the Army Corp of Engineers can’t do, like change the path of a river. Now we are being told that wolves have mental reasoning abilities and can determine that Idaho has more wolves in heat than Oregon. Doesn’t this sort of fly in the face of those same “enlightened” wolf experts that told the world that wolves cannot distinguish borders? I fail to see how a wolf that can’t tell which state it is in, will know in what direction to go to find perspective mates.