February 5, 2023

You Wantum, You Gottum

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A Bangor Daily News opinion piece submitted by a reader entitled his piece, “Grin and Bear It.” A good title but a friend suggested the above title might be a bit more appropriate.

In this reader’s writing he suggests that after the upcoming vote in November about the bear referendum, should it pass, a list be constructed according to voter precincts, with the top of list being occupied by the area that cast the highest percentage of votes FOR the bear referendum. When bear numbers continue to increase and become an even more serious problem, trap and relocate those bears, first beginning with the district most willing to pass the referendum. Continue down the list with each “nuisance” bear until all districts passing the referendum get even more of the bears they love.

The writer states: “It seems to me that this would result in the greatest degree of fairness in considering the voters actions and intentions.”