March 30, 2023

Understanding Difference Between Baiting Bears and Feeding Them in Back Yard

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One of the dumb arguments being used by the people haters against bear hunting is that baiting of bears is the same as feeding them in your back yard. This is perpetuated either by ignorance or outright deceit. The problem is that the bear lovers want people to believe that baiting a bear many miles from civilization causes bears in the suburbs of Portland, Maine to raid garbage cans and bird feeders.

When bear numbers are allowed to grow unchecked, bears are forced into civilized landscapes looking for food as competition for a limited amount of food increases. When bears are forced into civilized landscapes the potential for public safety threats rises as well. When bears are baited away from civilized landscapes, the overall bear population is diminished because a hunter takes a bear for personal use and consumption reducing the chances of negative conflicts between bears and people in Portland, Bangor and other towns around the state.

Even a former wildlife biologist turned basket weaver either doesn’t understand the concept or does and is intent on misleading people.