March 20, 2023

Protecting Bears Causes Restricted Access to Forest

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It appears that the idiots bent on the protection of bears, i.e. the Humane Society of the United States wanting to ban bear hunting in Maine, through their efforts to make sure there are millions of bears to attack and harm people, are also causing the restriction of use and access to the same forests their protected bears live.

In this article about “How to Avoid a Bear Attack,” we read:

Stay away from bear feeding areas such as berry patches, fresh burns, lake shores, alpine meadows, streams full of spawning fish or avalanche slopes when possible. If you see bear scat, tracks or claw marks on trees, move elsewhere. Also leave if you encounter a fresh kill or places where leaves and branches have been piled up, possibly over a carcass. A bear could be lurking nearby.

Avoid walking after dark in bear country and do not travel alone. Studies show that groups of four or more people are seldom attacked. Make noise by talking, singing or playing music, anything to alert bears to your presence. Most will move away if they hear you and are not taken by surprise.

Always sleep inside a tent, but keep your cooking and food storage area 50-75 yards away when possible. Wear a hat while cooking so food odors don’t concentrate in your hair. Leave the hat at the cooking area. Avoid greasy or smelly foods such as bacon, sausage or fish. Store leftovers in airtight containers far away and wash dishes carefully to avoid leaving scent or grease on them.

A friend, who sent me the link to this story along with the pictures that follow, made the following comment which pretty well sums up what’s going on.

In other woods stay the hell out of the woods… at the same time the folks are building trails galore (with taxpayers money) and encouraging more outdoor activities (promoted with taxpayers money) the animal rights folks want to increase (quickly double?) the Maine bear population with hunting restrictions. And it looks like we will need more LAWS (not just warnings or encouragement) to keep us out of the way of any critter that wants to use the area.