February 6, 2023

An Acid Rain Sob Story

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Here’s an example of new-science scientists attempting to explain away a “problem” without considering all the contributing factors. Ignorance or deliberate misrepresentation?

The article laments the destruction of “acid rain” from the 1960s to the present and, of course, blames this acid rain on man.

However, in the Northeast, the red spruce is making a comeback and researchers say they really don’t know why. But here’s the ridiculous statement that is made in the article:

Thanks to tree rings, there’s a 200-year record of how fast red spruce grows, and they are “growing better than they ever have in the recorded history,” says Schaberg. “Trees now are growing twice as well as their maximum ever.”

This statement was qualified by this one:

Likens is still following pH levels and he says we’ve come a long way; the rain is about 3 or 4 times less acidic than it was.

“But we’re still two or three or four times more acid than we should be if the atmosphere were not polluted,” he emphasizes.

One has to wonder just exactly what effects “acid rain” or the PH of water coming out of the sky really has on the red spruce. If the acid level is still 2-4 times higher than it is supposed to be, then how much, if any, is “acid rain” hurting the red spruce? After all, they said the acid rain killed the red spruce.

What’s completely missing from this entire article and not mentioned in any way by the scientists involved in the study, is how the chemicals being dumped on Americans from the skies above are affecting us and the plants on the ground.

Is this nonsense about climate change being the factor of why the red spruce in now growing faster than at any other time, agenda driven, new-science, i.e. outcome based in an attempt to support a fake global warming con job? Anyone with 5 minutes of time on their hands can very easily discover that it is no longer any big secret that the U.S. is filling our skies with chemicals from jet planes. They say it’s about “seeding” the clouds and skies to help “control” weather. Is it?

Until researchers and reporters are willing to explore the entirety of the influencing factors of weather, climate, “acid rain,” natural and man made, I put very little stock in anything found in this article. It’s utter nonsense.