September 30, 2022

Hillary Castigated For Being Hillary. It’s Who She Is

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“Understand whom you are talking to. Some people aren’t fans of Hillary just because they don’t know any better. They – seriously – actually like her. They think she’s great, an inspiration, and someone who will do wonderful things if only given power.

These people are clearly insane. You shouldn’t talk to them. In fact, you shouldn’t make sudden moves around them.

Remember that you will never talk committed liberals out of their liberalism with mere facts and evidence because they didn’t become liberals because of facts and evidence. They became liberals because being liberal made them feel like good people. You can’t talk people out of a feeling. The best you can do is take advantage of them and sell them magic beans. The Democrats do.

Your audience is the people who really don’t know any better. Some of them just don’t follow politics, which in normal times is eminently sensible but in times like these is about as wise as the guy who skipped the Titanic’s lifeboat drill because he preferred to go get his spats buffed.”<<<Read More>>>