January 28, 2023

Who Cares What Some Socialist From England Thinks About Maine’s Bear Hunting

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There was recently a short Letter to the Editor from a Barbara Skapa of Mt. Vernon, Maine whose attempt, evidently, was to shame Maine residents about bear hunting. Skapa passed on a supposed comment made by somebody from socialist England; that place where the king owns the wild animals and “True Believers” become useful idiots to protect the king’s animals. No more than people from England would give two rat’s tails about what Maine residents thought about their ways of life, Maine people don’t care what someone from England thinks about bear hunting.

But what’s missing from the Letter to the Editor is information about the author. So here is some of it and a link so you can read more about her.

“My name is Barbara Skapa. I live in Mt Vernon and am supposed to be retired but am known to Commissioner Bradstreet and his dairy staff as Barbara of Echo Ridge Organic cows’ milk cheese; as the Dept of Ag licenses me as a cheesemaker.
I am a member of various animal protection orgs including ME Friends of Animals, Voice for Animals, the Maine Federation of Dog Clubs, on behalf of which I do NOT testify this morning; but rather on behalf of members of the recently incorporated Maine Poodle Rescue.”