December 3, 2023

“Vampires That Have Taken the Form of Dogs”

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Wolves or vampires? Something is killing goats on a remote island in the Philippines and one mayor has ordered to “shoot those dogs.”

From the Manilla Standard Today:

“SIBALE ISLAND, Romblon—Gov. Eduardo Firmalo has ordered the police “to shoot on sight” an unknown animal that kills goats to suck its blood and eat its heart and liver after a new attack was reported on Saturday, a town official said.

Mayor Lemuel Cipriano said the governor reacted in anger when a resident reported that her pregnant goat and its kid was found dead with its intestines taken out and blood splattered in a coconut grove in Barangay Poblacion.

“Shoot those dogs,” the governor said, referring to the suspected werewolves that killed 211 goats since 2012 in this isolated island in the central Philippines, which can be reached after a six-hour boat ride from the provincial capital of Romblon.

As news of attack spread of the attack on goats spread in across the island, Vincent Fajutagana, a farmer from Barangay Dalajican, reported to the mayor that the predator was about to attack his tethered goat when he arrived and came face to face “with a big, black dog with bloodshot eyes.” The dog fled.”<<<Read More>>>