November 29, 2023

Environmentalists Don’t Get Any Dumber Than This

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The Daily Caller has an article that says that 130 environmental groups call for an end to “hegemonic capitalist system” mostly because they believe that they can’t stop global warming until the world is rid of capitalism.

A glance around the globe and we find about the only country that has succeeded in reducing its carbon dioxide output is that much hated “hegemonic capitalist system” of the United States of America. All communist/socialist countries can’t and won’t do anything about it. So why then, if the environMENTAL groups are really concerned about global warming, do they want to rid the world of capitalism?

As much as that part of the topic of capitalism and global warming could be discussed, what is really dumb is that these ignorant bastards of environMENTALism would not even exist without the gobs of money poured into these groups from capitalist corporations for bribe money.

So here we have people wanting to bite off the hand that not only feeds them but is the cause of their existence and are trying to hide behind the lie of global warming.

It has been said on this website, by me and mostly by other readers, that there would come a day when groups forcing their totalitarian desires through fake environmentalism onto other people would come to realize they had slit their own throats.