February 1, 2023

Stupid Comment of the Season by Hunter Against Bear Hunting

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horsepoop290This is much deserving of the Tom Remington Horse Excrement Award.

Here’s the dumb comment made by some guy who places himself above everyone else:

“The “management” as implied by the Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department is simply killing for reasons of money: licenses and protecting jobs at the expense of wildlife that have no say in their fate. It’s another way some humans exert their ill-conceived sense of dominance over the wild creatures we should protect.”

When you read the entire opinion nonsense, you will discover the man is a guide who brags, “I’ve been a big-game hunter for over 40 years and have guided many successful hunts, with trophies to prove it.”

He makes at least part of his living by taking some of that same money he thinks others are not entitled to. What a fool! And what, may I ask, does this guy guide hunters for? Their “trophies to prove it?” Love of killing? Love of hunting? Or maybe it’s simply killing for reasons of money!